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Probiotics nurture intestinal microflora, heal the gut and recolonize intestines with organisms that defend against disease, viruses and yeast. A healthy gut is truly the key to success - you’ll immediately start to notice smoother digestion, increased energy, elevated mood, glowing skin, stronger immunity and potent liver cleansing.

Raw coconut water, 16 oz

Kefir starter or Moon Pantry probiotic, 1tsp

In a glass jar, combine your starter and coconut water and stir.

Cover the jar’s mouth with cloth secured by a rubber band.

Let the natural culturing process unfold at room temperature .

After 12 hours, begin checking the coconut kefir every few hours, up to a maximum of 24 hours. Once you’ve arrived at your desired level of tang (it should taste sour with no sweetness left), place in refrigeration to minimize the continuation of fermentation.

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March 19, 2016
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