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We introduce #MineralMondays as a weekly guide of specific minerals for optimizing mental, physical and spiritual vitality. These magnesium and calcium rich wafers are crafted with our protein-packed Activated Almond Flour, hand-milled, bio-available and enzyme-rich to nourish the skin, feed brain tissue, and support your body to the bone. #plantprotein #livefood #alkalize #thrivecosmically

This is a super simple spur of the moment recipe made easy when you keep our Almond Flour in your pantry. First make a chia slushie by blending Moon Pantry Chia Seeds that have been soaked in ¼ Cup of water for at least an hour.

Mix 1 cup of Activated Almond Flour to ½ tsp raw honey, 1 tbsp Chia slushie, ½ cup of nut milk, pinch of pink salt, and lay out on a dehydrator sheet or place in the oven at the lowest setting. The thinner, the crispier!

November 02, 2015
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