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The stress of everyday life can sometimes deplete aspects of our well-being, including our desire for sex. Lingering stress can affect your sex drive, causing low libido, chronic fatigue, and even decreased mood. Sexual challenges impact a large portion of the population, with around 43% of women and 31% of men reporting they’ve experienced this.

Amidst these common sexual challenges, the search for natural solutions has led many to explore herbal remedies, most notably Maca. Originating from Peru, this potent herb has a centuries-long reputation across cultures for its potential to help with mood balance and increase libido naturally. But does the science show that maca libido remedies work?

In this article, we’ll set the record straight on Maca's long-believed libido-enhancing effects, explore how it works within the body, and offer practical tips for incorporating this libido-boosting herb into your supplement routine to stoke your desire.

Does Maca Increase Libido?

Maca is a member of the mustard family, native to the central Andes, and has been cultivated for thousands of years because of its nutritional density and fertility enhancement properties. Rooted in traditional herbal practices, this form of alternative medicine has now become a focus in scientific studies, especially when it comes to its potential impact on libido and sexual performance.

The current body of research on Maca primarily consists of small-scale animal and human studies, often drawing participants from groups facing distinct sexual challenges rather than representing the broader population. (For the sake of practical application, the studies mentioned involve human participants.) In a small study focusing on men, participants reported heightened sexual desire after 8 and 12 weeks of Maca supplementation, yet their individual sex hormones showed no change, leaving the precise mechanism unclear. Despite the lack of clarity, Maca was effective in enhancing libido in this particular group of people.

Another study involving men with erectile dysfunction resulted in a self-reported increase in overall and sexual well-being following Maca supplementation. In a separate study on postmenopausal women, Maca showcased its potential by reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression while alleviating sexual dysfunction. However, similar to previous findings, Maca did not impact sex hormones, leaving the exact workings of this herb a mystery.

Another study on postmenopausal women revealed that Maca supplementation improved sexual desire, increased attempts at sexual activity, potentially indicating enhanced libido, and led to more enjoyable sexual experiences.

Current studies on Maca have mostly consisted of small participant groups who are experiencing very particular health circumstances. However, that niched research is promising! Those studies have found that Maca extract and powder help to improve libido but have yet to uncover the detailed science to explain how it helps. As research dives deeper into Maca, exploring its effects on a wider range of people, we're bound to uncover even more about its power. Until then, we can look to history and see that Maca has been a beloved go-to for folks across cultures who believed in its ability to rev up sexual health and vitality.

How Does Maca Root Work?

While Maca root doesn't directly influence sex hormone levels, it plays a crucial role in enhancing the functioning of the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis and the endocrine system. By optimizing the function of these key systems, Maca contributes to stress reduction, indirectly impacting libido and sexual function. Rich in antioxidants, essential minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids, Maca root powder may counteract the effects of stress-induced free radicals and support overall health and vitality. Given that HPA axis dysregulation is linked to persistently low sexual desire in women, Maca’s ability to manage cortisol may explain its ability to indirectly boost libido and sexual function.

The exact mechanisms behind Maca's effects continue to be researched, but its ability to lower cortisol, neutralize free radicals, and provide essential nutrients (including minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids) shows its potential for rebalancing the body. Maca's positive impact on mood and energy levels further emphasizes its role in indirectly improving libido by establishing a foundation for effective stress management. While the specifics of Maca's compounds and their biological activity are not fully understood, current evidence suggests its promising potential in supporting stress resilience, nutrient density, and overall well-being — factors that may significantly benefit sexual health.

How to Take Maca Root for Libido

When incorporating Maca root powder into your routine to increase libido, consider a few factors for optimal results:

  • Source: Since supplements aren’t regulated, it’s important to look for a Maca supplement that prioritizes transparency. Scrutinize the source and find out if its single origin and organic.
  • Dose: Always check the label to ensure an effective dose. Consult with your health practitioner to determine the right amount for your specific needs and remember, it's possible to have too much of a good thing!
  • Form: Choose a Maca root supplement form that aligns with your lifestyle. Opt for a Maca powder supplement if you prefer to habit stack by blending it with other nutrient-dense liquids (like coffee or smoothies) or a capsule if it fits seamlessly into your supplement regimen.
  • Consistency: Consistency is key. Take Maca extract or powder regularly to experience its effects, keeping in mind that imbalances take time to correct.
  • Herbal Synergy: Look for a Maca root supplement that includes other libido-nourishing herbs and adaptogens for enhanced benefits. Ingredients like Shatavari, Shilajit, Epimedium, Schisandra, and Cacao can synergistically support hormone health, balance energy, and regulate mood.

Take Sex Dust® 

Sex Dust® is a natural libido supplement that combines Maca with five other powerful herbs and adaptogens to target stress and support healthy hormonal balance. Adaptogenic Shatavari, Shilajit, Epimedium, and Schisandra are traditionally beloved for their ability to ignite desire and juiciness, while Cacao and Maca help boost energy and mood. Because ongoing stress disrupts the production of cortisol, affecting sex hormones crucial for a healthy libido, The Maca and adaptogens in this blend help the body adapt to stress, encouraging hormonal balance to reignite sexual fire. If your sex life, sexual arousal, or sexual performance could benefit from support, consider incorporating Sex Dust® into your everyday routine.

To use: Mix one teaspoon into coffee, black tea, hot water, or nut milk. All natural ingredients with zero sugar or caffeine.


Low libido, a common sexual challenge that can happen throughout the lifespan for various reasons, leads many people to seek out aphrodisiac foods and natural remedies — like Maca. While it has been used throughout history in traditional herbal medicine, the current scientific landscape casts Maca as a promising yet mysterious plant in the realm of libido enhancement. Science hints at its indirect support for libido through the delicate balancing act of nutrients and cortisol.

Now that you know how Maca can help libido, how it works in the body, and what simple tips to consider when finding a worthwhile Maca supplement, you can confidently start supplementing to support your sexual fire!