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Blue Mint Chip

Blue Mint Chip

Serves 1


16 oz, Lait de Coco
2 tsp, raw honey or sweetener of choice
1 tbsp, Maca
1 tbsp, mesquite
½ tsp, peppermint extract
¼ tsp, blue spirulina
1 tbsp, cacao nibs
Option to add 1 tsp / 1 sachet of Sex Dust


Combine the Lait de Coco, honey, Maca, mesquite, peppermint extract, blue spirulina, and Sex Dust in a blender until well combined. Add the Cacao Nibs and blend for 10-20 seconds -- you don't want to over blend your chips!

This full recipe is featured in the Moon Juice Cookbook.

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