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Petal + Berry Beauty Tonic

Petal + Berry Beauty Tonic

Serves 1


4 c, water
½ c, goji berries
¼ c, dried hibiscus flowers
1 tsp, ground Schisandra
2 tsp, rose water
raw honey or stevia (optional)


Bring the water to a boil. Place the goji berries, hibiscus and Schisandra in a 1 quart glass jar. Add enough boiling water to cover and set aside to steep for an hour. Strain, reserving the solids for a second batch if you like. Stir in rose water and sweetener (if using). Enjoy immediately or cover and store in the fridge. Enjoy hot, chilled or combined with sparkling water.

This full recipe is featured in the Moon Juice Cookbook.

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