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Raw & Activated California Almonds

Our enzyme-rich, activated, and dehydrated California almonds are an alkaline, mineral-dense protein. Pure, alkaline water awakens the nuts' dormant properties, increasing digestibility and micronutrient, vitamin, and enzyme count. These raw, activated, bio-available nuts are a powerful antioxidant that nourishes skin, nervous system, muscles, bones, and heart.

Perfect for high functioning snacking and activated nut milks, topping yogurts, puddings, and cereals, and for creating treats like granolas, cookies, cheeses, crackers, and your magical creations we haven’t discovered yet.

INGREDIENTS: Raw, organic, activated almonds

Gluten-free and non-GMO



These foods and potions feed muscles, tissues, and organs with essential amino acids and proteins for lasting energy, focus, and strength.

These foods and potions deliver a supercharged dose of sustainable energy for mental, physical, and spiritual vitality.

These foods and potions feed your brain with necessary fatty acids and nutrients that promote memory, focus, and clarity.