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Pair together for
targeted stress reducing
benefits plus a heaping
dose of plant protein.


Pair your favorite Moon Dust with your essential Adaptogenic Protein for the perfect base. Spike with Vegan Collagen Protection for a creamy, skin‑protecting hit that instantly turns coffee into a latte.

1 tsp/1 sachet Moon Dust
2 scoops Adaptogenic Protein
3 tbsp Vegan Collagen Protection
10 oz hot water or coffee

Blend on high. Sip in bliss.

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Adaptogens for beauty + wellbeing Plants can’t move so they adapt. They can help us adapt too.


Cosmic Cocoa


A decadent, nourishing hot
chocolate in an instant. Featuring
Spirit Dust, Sex Dust, heirloom
Cacao, and Tocos.


An energizing, bright, instant
Matcha latte. Featuring Beauty Dust, Vegan Collagen Protection, and Lucuma.

Amanda Chantal Bacon

“My life changed when I started to incorporate the intelligence of adaptogens into my daily habits. I want to share this next level of health with you for these increasingly demanding times.” Amanda Chantal Bacon, Founder

“My life changed when I started
to incorporate the intelligence
of adaptogens into my daily
habits. I want to share this
next level of health with you
for these increasingly
demanding times.”
Amanda Chantal Bacon, Founder

Amanda Chantal Bacon


Helps reduce cortisol levels by up to 24%*



Show up for the things that matter.
Spend your adaptive energy on
friends, family, dreams, or saving
the planet instead.


Intelligent self care™ A merging of plant medicine, science, and common sense for a practical and preventative approach to unstress and preserve your beauty and wellbeing.

Our ingredients have been used for 1000’s of years. Our blends make it easy to incorporate them into modern life. Effectiveness relies on potency and purity. We source from organic growers and wildcrafters in their native regions who harvest at the peak of maturity. We extract for maximum bioactivity and formulate for synergy in balance and benefit.

“This sh*t works.”