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Your skin is designed to take care of itself. Its porous layers absorb hydration and nutrients, protects from pollutants, and regulates inflammation. But your internal health, lifestyle, environment, and even the products you use can disrupt this natural balance, causing breakouts and inflammation. Here are some habits to build radiant skin health and support your skin’s natural function.

Skin Care Tips for Your Face

True skin care isn’t about treating symptoms, it’s about building health. When you take a holistic, whole body approach and respect the natural functions of your skin, you build radiance both from the inside out and the outside in. 

It’s important to protect your skin barrier, making sure your skin retains moisture and fends off bacteria, irritants and pollutants that cause acne. It’s also vital to prevent nutritional deficiencies so that our skin is living in harmony with the rest of our body’s systems. Understanding your skin type, whether you have oily skin or dry skin, or sensitive skin or acne-prone skin, is key to helping you achieve healthy skin.

It’s important to protect your skin barrier, making sure your skin retains moisture and fends off bacteria, irritants and pollutants that cause acne.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking an adequate amount of water is essential for flushing our system of toxins and hydrating every cell in the body. Staying properly hydrated is essential for a flowing lymphatic system, preventing the puffiness and inflammation that can result from stagnant lymph. To keep skin clear, drink plenty of water and eat hydrating fruits and vegetables.

Cleanse Wisely

The acid mantle is the protective film of natural oils, amino acids, and sweat that covers your skin. It likes to be a little acidic, with a pH around 5.5. Many cleansers are overly alkaline, which compromises pH and can lead to acne, sensitivity, and accelerated aging. Look for a gentle cleanser that matches skin’s pH to prevent disruption.

Protect Your Barrier

The stratum corneum is your skin’s bodyguard. Its main function is to keep hydration in and filter toxins out. But abrasive physical exfoliants can create micro-tears in this barrier, leading to redness, dryness, and flakiness.

First, opt for a chemical exfoliant with AHAs and BHAs to help dissolve dead skin. Next you’ll want to draw in moisture using a humectant like Hyaluronic Acid, famous for its ability to hold up to 1,000 its weight in water. Plump Jelly, our face plumping serum, combines low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid and PGA Peptides to hydrate around the cell with Adaptogenic Reishi to improve barrier function.

Shield Your Skin

Every day, we’re exposed to thousands of toxins in the air from industry, traffic, and combustion. Since these toxins are 20x smaller than pores, they can pass through the skin barrier into cells, leading to accelerated aging and inflammation. 

Use an antioxidant powder or serum with Vitamin C or Glutathione as an environmental shield. When the toxins encounter your skin, the antioxidants take the hit instead of your skin cells.

Keep It Simple

Don’t send your skin mixed messages. While strategic skin cycling can be beneficial, you don’t want to confuse your complexion with too many experiments. Focus on ingredients known to build skin health, like Vitamins C, Vitamin E, and Hyaluronic Acid.

Focus on ingredients known to build skin health, like Vitamins C, Vitamin E, and Hyaluronic Acid.

Supplement Your Skin

How we look on the outside is a direct reflection of our health on the inside. Support your internal environment with ingredients that help buffer stress, protect collagen, support hydration, and fight free radicals. Here are some of the best vitamins to tighten skin, nutrients, and adaptogens that feed your skin from the inside out. 

Vitamin A: helps stimulate collagen production to reduce the look of lines

  • Vitamin C: needed by the body to make collagen and protect cells from free radical damage; a regenerative antioxidant that works inside the cell to protect the hydrophilic components 
  • Vitamin D3: improves cell turnover and calms inflammation 
  • Vitamin E: works on the lipid layer of your cells to protect from free radicals
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: help keep skin supple and helps reduce inflammation
  • Hyaluronic Acid: clinically shown to support collagen synthesis and reduce the appearance of fine lines, including forehead lines
  • Silver Ear Mushroom: supports your skin barrier and delivers deep skin hydration
  • Glutathione: helps maintain healthy cellular function and structure
  • Schisandra: traditionally used for hydration and skin clarity 
  • Astaxanthin: helps improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines, especially on your face
  • Silica: essential for collagen and elastin production

    If you’re looking to cover several of these ingredients with an oral supplement, try SuperBeauty® or Collagen Protect®. SuperBeauty® is the master antioxidant formula that helps protect cell health for visible benefits with Glutathione, Vitamins C and E, Astaxanthin, adaptogenic Schisandra, and Silica. Collagen Protect® is a vegan collagen creamer and skin supplement formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Silver Ear Mushroom, and Tocos to help protect and preserve your natural collagen.

    Skin Care Tips for Your Body

    As important as it is to care for the vulnerable skin on our faces, skin care should extend to our bodies in the same way. While the skin on the face is thinner, more visible, and often more exposed to the sun, the body will benefit from many of the same principles of care, like hydration, exfoliation, supplementation, and simplicity of routine. 

    Just as it’s beneficial to exfoliate our faces, there’s also dead skin to exfoliate on our bodies. Dry brushing is a great way to slough off dead cells for smooth skin, while supporting lymphatic drainage to depuff the skin on your body.

    Finish your body care routine while you’re still in the steam from your shower or bath by applying a nourishing body oil or lotion to lock in moisture. 

    Going out? Don’t forget to use a mineral-based sunscreen on the parts of your body that tend to get exposed, like your ears and the tops of your feet. Wear a hat to protect your hairline and scalp from vicious UV rays.

    Skin Care for Aging Skin

    Age is biological, not chronological. Whether you’re in your 20s or 50+, all of these skin care lessons apply for building skin health. 

    Remember that your daily habits have the most profound impact on your skin. Actively managing stress, supplementing with antioxidants, and getting deep, regenerative sleep are all opportunities to slow the hands of time. These actions work both in the moment and proactively, with a cumulative effect on the radiance of your skin. 

    Dark spots, lines, dryness, and loss of elasticity often show up in aging skin — all the more reason to support your barrier and give your skin the building blocks it needs, from adequate hydration to nutrients like healthy fats and antioxidants.

    Skin care is layered, and everyone’s skin is unique to them. While you’re developing a personalized skincare routine, it’s always a good idea to focus on the basics: protecting your moisture barrier, avoiding micro-tears and inflammation, staying hydrated, protecting your natural collagen supply, and giving your body the antioxidants, adaptogens supplements, and vitamins you need for radiant skin. 

    If you want natural skin care products that don’t just treat symptoms but build skin health, check out our essentials at Moon Juice.