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You already know that hangovers happen from a night of drinking, but you may be surprised to hear that sometimes the culprit isn’t alcohol alone. Dehydration (from simply not drinking enough water on a daily basis and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol), the amount of drinks you’ve had, and your rate of metabolism all contribute to the symptoms and duration of a hangover. So, with 75% of the US walking around in a state of chronic dehydration, it’s no wonder that hangovers creep up on so many of us after a night out. This leads us to the question: can drinking electrolytes really help make hangovers go away or should they be reserved for athletes and those under the weather?

In this article, we'll delve into the world of electrolytes for hangovers, uncovering what they are, how they might just be the secret weapon for those seeking relief from hangover symptoms, and how you can incorporate them to recover from the aftermath of a night of drinking.

What Are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are chemical compounds that break down into ions when dissolved in water. These ions play crucial roles in maintaining various physiological functions in the body. While several electrolytes exist, the primary ones that you can expect to see in electrolyte drinks are Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Zinc, and Potassium.

To understand just how important electrolytes are, here’s a quick breakdown of two essential ones: Magnesium and Potassium. Magnesium is a multifaceted electrolyte, involved in over 300 essential biochemical reactions. It contributes to maintaining normal nerve and muscle function, supports the immune system, regulates the heartbeat's rhythm, and plays a major role in the production of energy. That’s why some people take electrolytes for energy when working out. On the other hand, Potassium has its own vital responsibilities, including supporting heart health, ensuring proper muscle function, and controlling the body's acid-base balance. Electrolytes are non negotiable for the body to maintain health and day to day functionality. When your body experiences an electrolyte imbalance, that is when symptoms may occur.

Do Electrolytes Help With Hangovers? 

Absolutely! Here's why: Alcohol, aside from its other effects, has a knack for dehydrating your body. It accomplishes this by interfering with Vasopressin, a hormone responsible for water retention. When vasopressin levels drop, you pee more, leading to dehydration. This dehydration issue is the main culprit for hangover symptoms.

While alcohol siphons away your body's water, it simultaneously flushes out crucial electrolytes — those minerals essential for various bodily functions. When these electrolytes are depleted, it can intensify common hangover symptoms like headache, nausea, and upset stomach, making you feel even worse.

While electrolytes aren’t a magical hangover cure, they do play a vital role in recovery. They help replenish what alcoholic drinks have taken away, making the process of bouncing back from a hangover more manageable.

So, reaching for electrolyte drinks and foods after a night of heavy drinking is a worthwhile move.

How Do Electrolytes Help? 

Electrolytes play a pivotal role in keeping your body functioning healthily, and their support when it comes to remedying hangovers is no exception. Here's how they help after drinking alcohol:

  • Hydration: At their core, electrolytes are experts in maintaining your body's water balance. Once inside your body, they dissolve into positive and negative charges. These charges serve two major functions: regulating the flow of water in and out of cells and sparking nerve impulses.
  • Nutrients: Electrolytes act like efficient little carriers, shuttling essential nutrients into your cells and ensuring waste products are properly moved out. This not only supports your overall well-being but also aids in the recovery process after a night of drinking.
  • pH balance: Electrolytes balance your body's acid/base (pH) level, helping maintain the body's internal environment at an optimal, stable state.
  • Muscle, nerve, heart, and brain support: Electrolytes are vital for these vital systems, keeping them operating smoothly to ensure you feel good and energized.
  • Brain fog: Hangovers often come with brain fog and mental fatigue. Electrolytes can help reduce these common hangover symptoms, making it easier to shake off that foggy feeling.

In summary, electrolytes are the unsung champions of your body's intricate electrical system. They maintain water balance, support nutrient transport, and ensure optimal function of vital systems. So, when it comes to hangovers, they’re valuable allies.

Should I Drink Electrolytes After a Hangover? 

Yes. After a night of drinking, your body needs time to clear out the toxic byproducts of alcohol metabolism and rehydrate to replenish its mineral stores. This is where an electrolyte drink can be a huge help. They work to restore depleted mineral levels and rehydrate you, making the recovery process smoother. Why is hydration after a hangover so important? Research suggests that even a small 2% drop in hydration levels can disrupt neurotransmitter function. So, when you’re hungover after a night of heavy drinking, proper hydration and electrolyte support can go a long way in reducing the pounding headache and brain fog, ultimately helping you get back on your feet.

But why exactly is proper hydration crucial to beat hangovers?

  • It helps rehydrate: Alcohol acts as a diuretic, causing your body to pee more. This leads to fluid loss and, inevitably, dehydration. Those dry mouth, excessive thirst, dizziness, and fatigue symptoms you experience the morning after are often your body's way of crying out for water.
  • It rebalances electrolytes: Alcohol disrupting your body's electrolyte balance. This disruption can manifest as muscle weakness, fatigue, and even muscle cramps.

Prioritizing post-hangover hydration, complemented by electrolyte support, can significantly aid in alleviating lingering hangover symptoms after drinking alcohol.

How to Take Electrolytes for a Hangover 

If you've indulged in excessive amounts of alcohol, consuming water alone will not help your hangover. While it helps with general rehydration, electrolytes can be your extra boost to balance internal nutrient levels. When it comes to remedying a hangover with electrolytes, here are some strategies successfully reaping the benefits of electrolytes:

  • Look for various electrolytes: Look for beverages that contain multiple electrolyte minerals, to ensure your body is getting the variety of nutrients it needs to bring itself back to baseline functionality.
  • Start early: Begin drinking electrolyte-rich fluids after your night out, and continue first thing in the morning. Rehydrating your body as soon as possible can help alleviate hangover symptoms.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day: Don't stop with just one dose of electrolytes. Sip on electrolyte-rich drinks throughout the day to maintain hydration and support your recovery.
  • Mind the sugar: Be conscious of the sugar content in your chosen electrolyte drink. While some sugar is okay, excessive amounts can make you feel worse. Opt for low or no sugar electrolyte drink options when possible.
  • Drink what works for you: Ultimately, the best electrolyte drink is the one you are actually willing to consume. Find a flavor and brand that suits your taste preferences to ensure you'll actually drink it.

Take Mini Dew™ for Hangovers 

If you're seeking relief from hangover symptoms and an overall wellness boost, take Mini Dew™ electrolyte drink powder. Mini Dew™ combines electrolytes with ionic trace minerals and chelated essential minerals to give the body the elements it needs to feel good and energized.* This zero sugar, natural watermelon flavored electrolyte powder also helps enhance memory and cognitive performance, and helps reduce brain fog and mental fatigue.*

All you have to do is add the electrolytes to water and drink up! Mix 1 teaspoon of Mini Dew™ in 12oz of water for a convenient and tasty way to help your hangover.


Electrolytes, essential mineral compounds, are indispensable for maintaining bodily functions. While hangovers encompass a range of uncomfortable symptoms that stem from excessive alcohol consumption, electrolytes can help lessen these symptoms. Specifically, they offer help to manage your hangover by promoting hydration, facilitating nutrient transport, and enhancing cognitive function. Prioritizing proper hydration is crucial when considering electrolytes for hangover relief. When selecting an electrolyte rich drink to help with your hangover, make sure to find a brand and flavor that is low in sugar and actually tastes good to you. And don’t forget, drink electrolytes throughout the day to ensure you’re rehydrating and working toward hangover recovery. By using electrolytes for hangovers, you can restore balance and return your body to baseline functionality.