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Hair acts as a mirror, giving us insight into our body's overall wellbeing. Changes in hair health often signal larger underlying issues such as stress, hormonal imbalances, and nutritional gaps. Horsetail has been used for centuries as a solution for its overall health benefits, but particularly for nurturing hair thickness. But in today’s modern world of hair stressors, is this ancient remedy still capable of nourishing hair from the inside out? In this article, we’ll dive into everything there is to know about Horsetail for hair, explore its potential health benefits, and explain how you can use it as a botanical ally to improve your hair health. 

What is Horsetail?

The Horsetail herb is a mineral-rich, antioxidative plant that comes from the fern family and draws its name from the resemblance it has to a horse's tail and mane. Possessing one of the highest concentrations of Silica (known to strengthen hair fiber) among plants, Horsetail acts as a natural source to replete hair with the strength and thickness to restore its vitality. This powerful botanical is great for those striving for healthy hair growth, due to its mineral density and ability to replenish deficiencies to create a healthy environment for hair growth.

Is Horsetail Good for Hair? 

The Horsetail plant is a fantastic herb for enhancing overall hair health. This singular herb carries a multitude of benefits that can profoundly impact your hair's wellbeing. From supporting hair regrowth to improving hair strength, the effects of a Horsetail supplement are vast.

Here are the positive transformations this herbal remedy can bring to your hair:

Horsetail strengthens hair fibers 

Consuming a horsetail supplement has been shown to improve hair strength and elasticity while reducing breakage. As a natural way to boost the strength of your hair, Horsetail can be a vital tool for achieving healthy hair strands from root to tip.

Horsetail improves hair volume 

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, participants who incorporated a hair supplement containing dried Horsetail reported noticeable enhancements in their hair volume, scalp health, and overall hair thickness after just 90 days. This suggests that Horsetail is a worthwhile addition to your hair care routine if you're looking to boost volume and thicken hair naturally.

Horsetail reduces hair loss 

Horsetail has research proven potential in reducing hair loss by significantly lowering the rate of shedding and increasing hair retention. Incorporating Horsetail into your hair care routine could contribute to a noticeable reduction in hair loss, promoting the preservation of your current hair growth cycle.

Horsetail improves hair texture 

Horsetail also has a transformative effect on hair texture. Regular oral consumption of Horsetail can give a natural sheen and enhanced texture to your hair. In fact, participants in a study reported improvements in hair shine and overall texture after 180 days of incorporating a hair supplement containing Horsetail. This botanical powerhouse can help you achieve hair that not only looks healthier but also feels noticeably smoother and more lustrous. 

Does Horsetail Help With Hair Growth? 

Horsetail targets the very foundations of hair health, making it immensely helpful to individuals striving to grow their hair. Its antioxidant capabilities take on oxidative stress, a result of environmental toxins, nutritional imbalances, smoking, and inflammation — factors that compromise hair fiber quality and the growth cycle of hair. Beyond stress management, Horsetail's mineral content, particularly Selenium, is pivotal in regulating Iodine processing. Iodine imbalances disrupt hair regrowth, while Selenium deficiencies hinder the growth phase of the hair cycle. Studies suggest that elevated Silicon levels in hair are associated with reduced hair loss rates and heightened brightness, affirming Horsetail's potential to enhance both growth and radiance. Dried Horsetail holds promise as a natural remedy to nurture hair regrowth from the root, making it worth trying for those seeking fuller, healthier, longer locks.

How to Use Horsetail for Your Hair 

Incorporating the Horsetail herb into your hair care routine can be done through various forms, each offering unique benefits for supporting hair health. The dried herb, available in capsule form or as part of a hair supplement, provides flexibility in choosing what suits you and your lifestyle best. When considering Horsetail supplements, prioritize the following:

  • Safety — Chat with your healthcare provider, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are taking medications. This ensures that Horsetail is a safe addition for your individual needs.
  • Quality — Opt for a bioavailable Horsetail that comes from a high quality source, without fillers. This ensures that you're getting the most out of the supplement for optimal hair health.
  • Dosage — Adhere to the recommended dosage can ensure you replete vital nutrients and yield the best results for your hair.
  • Consistency — Consume Horsetail regularly as part of your supplement regimen is essential to reap its hair growth benefits.

Take a clinical strength hair supplement that includes Horsetail to promote healthier, thicker, and stronger hair. SuperHair® is a comprehensive bioavailable multivitamin + adaptogens, botanicals, and micronutrients for hair — including Horsetail (hand harvested from Spain) for hair strength and thickness.

To further amplify the impact of Horsetail, consider embracing holistic lifestyle changes. Combining the use of a hair growth supplement with hair-friendly adaptogenic herbs, a hair-nourishing diet, stress management, regular physical movement, and quality sleep can create a powerful synergy for fostering hair health.


Incorporating horsetail into your hair care journey results in a range of hair benefits. With positive effects spanning enhanced texture, reduced hair loss, and improved growth, Horsetail shines as a botanical ally for healthier hair. By prioritizing safety, quality, dosage, and consistency when consuming Horsetail-containing hair supplements, you can build your hair's vitality from the inside out. To bolster the holistic health of your hair, you can consider additional healthy lifestyle shifts that also support hair growth.

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