Dr. Heather Moday is a board-certified allergist, immunologist, integrative and functional medicine physician, and the author of The Immunotype Breakthrough. After years of working as an allergist and immunologist in private practice, she completed a fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine in Tucson, and became certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine. Through her practice, The Moday Center, she works to empower people to reclaim their health through comprehensive lifestyle programs, which focus on reversing chronic disease, as well as creating optimum wellness.

“Antioxidants are a whole bunch of different things, some of them are really easy to get from foods and some of them aren't so easy to get from food. When we’ve looked at studies, the biggest ones would be Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C, because it is so effective as a squelcher of free radicals.

Not quite on the same level, but Vitamin D is really more of an immune regulator versus a straight up antioxidant. And there are a couple of antioxidants that people don't really think about. One is Vitamin E, because it has mixed data when it comes to supplementation, but making sure that you get enough forms of Vitamin E in your diet is really important. There are some other ones like Selenium.

I personally take Vitamin C and Vitamin D on a regular basis. I think everyone should take Vitamin D. I don’t care where you live in the United States — you don’t get enough of it. Unless you’re a farmer or you work outside 5 or 6 hours a day, you’re probably not getting enough through your skin. Plus people wear sunscreen and it's really hard to get through food.

“I think everyone should take Vitamin D. I don’t care where you live in the United States — you don’t get enough of it.”

Vitamin C is very easy to get through food, but the problem is Vitamin C is used up very quickly, it's not stored in the body very well at all. Whatever you take in, you use and then excrete. So you have to get Vitamin C on a fairly regular basis.”


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Want more? This is an excerpt from a longer convo with Dr. Heather Moday — listen or watch here!

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